Bogor, Indonesia 2011: No matter how honest and troubling the teachings on this site may appear, they sprang from wells of humility and gentleness known and demonstrated the world over.

Welcome to the online home of evangelist, educator, esquire Trent Ling.  Like the splendid tip of an iceberg, this public site offers a taste of Trent’s audio, video, photographical, literary, and artifactual works across his first half-century of life (the first quarter-century fighting the battles of the world, and the second quarter-century pouring it out in the Kingdom of God).  Take the tour and come back as often as you like. Everything on the site is always free for the perusing, the taking, the downloading, and the revisiting.

Trent has been vigorously educated by great men and women, and has been aggressively handled by God from Heaven.  Do not at all be troubled by his zealous and tireless efforts to give it all away before he faded away. Understand and allow that Trent pushed the envelopes of life, stretched and called his hearers to great heights, and fed absolutely everybody along the way.  Ultimately, this site offers genuine care and concern for any wishing to advance, and provides a full menu for those wishing merely to dine. Come and go; the site will always be here as a testament to what can be had.

“Not everyone’s cup of tea, but undeniably a cup of tea nonetheless!”

Feel free to work through the navigation buttons above.  Be advised that the Ministry Page offers life, while the Vault Page provides a very handy-dandy, one-stop storehouse of links to all pages and posts on the entire site across the years.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride!