America in Knots

Orlando, FL 2003:  Festive six- and seven-year olds should be able to worry more about what Cinderella has to say than about who lurks about behind them.  "America in Knots" remains but a spiritual revelation that requires an authentically spiritual awakening.

Orlando, FL 2003: Festive six- and seven-year olds should worry more about what Cinderella has to say than about who might lurk around behind them. “America in Knots” presents but another spiritual revelation requiring an authentic spiritual awakening.

From Trent Ling:

But an ill-measured, visceral response…

Off to school.  Elementary.  Fresh and fun!

Troubled Teen.  Hit-and-miss diagnoses; timid game plans.

Money totally squandered.  Nothing left but the overly hard-pressed.

Teen acts out.  And the kids pay the price.  Suicide with a twist—taking others with!

Government in shambles with everything borrowed.  And still, no singular voice arising.

Many distrust the Feds, who now take aim at the guns.  Overflowing doubts exclaim:  “No way.”

Debates simmer; nobody yields; carnage continues; and trajectories doom.

Tired people.  Grand hopes and infinite dreams ground down to planetary pars.

Courage must arise and wisdom must speak.  Shall this be the last chance to change?

Such has become a world supposedly earmarked for the children, but now more than completely expended upon the adults!

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America in Knots — 3 Comments

  1. I was there when Cinderella had these children in the palm of her hand. They are so eager and giving at that age. The 20 are safely in the arms of our Creator. For the rest of the children of Newtown to have witnessed such horror is the biggest sin…to take away their innocence.

  2. This is very heartbreaking. My heart goes out to those who lost their children/ family members in the shooting rampage. America in knots, but it doesn’t mean other places are off the hook…

  3. I agree, Trent. It is a grim picture. America is like a child stuck in a rope playground, both legs dangling underneath the obstacle course while sitting on the ropes. It is frantically trying to pull itself out to have a secure footing to keep moving. But unfortunately, its footsteps keep leading it to sin :(.
    Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. (Psalm 119:133)

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