Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 2011: Climbing to the top of the iconic and mammoth Harbor Bridge in a driving rainstorm at twilight and finding majestic views of the famed Opera House, the skyline, and the waterways, runs par for the course for the Ling family which routinely bumbles and stumbles its way onto breathtaking destinations.

This entire website hardly serves as sufficient biographical summation for Trent Ling, who constantly insists that more and more remains to be done and disseminated.  But, for those seeking the shorter, quicker rundown, this Bio Page offers Trent’s unorthodox and enduring resume below.  It documents that Trent has steadfastly continued to be whatever he ever became, even as he has vigorously annexed fresh pursuits across the years.

The whole of this website provides insights and sneak peaks into a man whose ideas have seemingly always multiplied as if his cranium were a bag of overheating corn kernels!

In addition to this Bio Page, Trent’s other social sites (see linked buttons on the Home Page) remain fully open and accessible to the public.

With that said, enjoy the wild ride through Trent’s resume:


Trent W. Ling


1970 to Present:  In Reality and in Heart and Mind, a Pupil More than Anything Else

  • Doctor of Education, 2014, University of Central Florida, College of Education, Orlando, FL (Phi Kappa Phi)
  • Juris Doctor, 1991, Duke University, School of Law, Durham, NC (Moot Court Finalist; Moot Court Board)
  • Bachelor of Arts, 1988, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA (Philosophy, Economics, Pre-Medicine)


1972 to Present:  A Life Dedicating Time, Money, Passion and Heart to Moving Causes

  • Personally donated well over two million dollars to philanthropic efforts and causes starting in the third grade
  • Leading all-volunteer Christian ministry where prevailing charitable culture results in no passing of the “plate”
  • Fully united in heart and soul with Jesus’ mantra, “Freely you have received, freely give.”  Matthew 10:8.


1980 to Present:  Public Speaker, Radio and Television Broadcaster and Producer

  • Preacher, teacher, litigator, sportscaster, narrator, newscaster, master of ceremonies, and hospitable host
  • Produced, directed, and play-by-play announced ESPN broadcasts of Budweiser Unlimited Hydroplane Series
  • Commercial radio play-by-play broadcaster of college and high school football and basketball starting at age 15


1992 to Present:  Wholly Committed Father and Husband of Cutting-Edge Family of Four

  • Leading ever-prosperous household raised on tenderness, immersed in freedom, and joyful in responsibility
  • Personally assumed children’s school calendar as his own from firstborn’s Kindergarten year to the present
  • Family drove through 50 States, visited 7 Continents, splashed in 5 Oceans, and reached both Polar Circles


1995 to Present:  Founder and Sole Practitioner for the Law Firm, Trent W. Ling, P.A.

  • Won 1,000 cases, recovering client subrogation awards totaling over $50 million within first ten years of law firm
  • Developed and operated creative, niche practice under novel and exclusive agreements with Fortune 100 clients
  • Led, directed, managed, cherished, and loved tight-knit staff of three to nine employees over 18-year Firm run


1999 to Present:  Founder and Lead Evangelist for Disciples of Jesus Ministry

  • Webmaster of ministry websites disseminating over 1,000 pages of multimedia content with across twelve years
  • Preacher amassing personal recorded library of 300 ground-breaking, hour-long messages across twelve years
  • Leading core group of ministering disciples of Jesus representing various nations, races, cultures, and talents


2001 to Present:  Speaker, Writer, and Director of Enlightenment for Any and All

  • Providing humble, honest, and bold commentary across all spiritual, political, social, and educational realms
  • Highly interactive and fiercely loyal life coach pouring forth bountiful portions of freedom, depth, and breadth
  • Unwavering advocate for children and their chances to be parented by adults no longer plagued by neediness