Chart Master by Age Nine

Across the years, a wild sampling of Trent Ling’s historical and infamous Charts will grace this website and horrify the world.  Perhaps the most appropriate flagship Chart was conceived when Trent was but nine years old, upon the dawning of fourth grade, with notorious taskmaster, Mr. Livingstone.

“Looking back, I cannot believe that I got through Livingstone’s class cleanly while keeping moment-by-moment books on nook-and-cranny class activities,” Trent exuded 38 years later. “When we finally open these archaic vaults, I may be arrested for sheer, utter weirdness.  I like how I put my name at the bottom of the cover page so as not to have my charts confused with anyone else’s?”

Below lies but the front cover of Trent’s fourth-grade Charts publication.  Over time, this page will serve as a beacon to which other Chart posts will gravitate.  Here, after years of honing his craft, Trent implemented formalized procedures by which history, happenstance, and hysteria could be jammed into one strange boy’s account of his extraordinary days.

For today, enjoy the front cover of the early beginnings.  And for various tomorrows, the unnerving unveiling shall commence.

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Chart Master by Age Nine — 7 Comments

  1. 有意思! (yǒu yìsi = interesting!)

    PS. Chinese characters look good on your website, Om Trent =)

  2. Hey Trent! I can’t wait for you to open the pandora’s box! I just want to know where it all started :).

  3. You’re the weirdest 🙂 How did you even come up with such a chart?! It will be interesting, can’t wait.

  4. I am amused by the title…like summer runs from 74 to 75? And these summer charts are chronicling a school year with Mr. Livingstone? And the cute way your name almost runs off the page. Even though I already know many of the chart entries, I look forward to the whole chart. We were the luckiest parents in the history to have such a forward-thinking kid. Follow the crowd doing their charts? Oh, please.

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