Come Alive Again

Sydney, Australia 2011: Is he awake? Outside the sloth, it is hard to find anyone slower to the chase or less awake than the Koala. But, it appears that even he has come alive given his hefty pose at the head of the class. Surely people can do this, too?

From Trent Ling:

Whether the goal is caring more, doing better in school, dieting successfully, working out religiously, or living rightly, people have on-again, off-again relationships with many plans and dreams.  In the spiritual realm, the Scriptures consistently warn against treating God and his truths with such up-and-down, in-and-out whimsicality.  After all, Heaven’s subject matter far surpasses typical worldly fare, and its depth and power far exceed anything searched or discovered anywhere else.  “A light shining in a dark place” (2 Peter 1:19), God’s is not the casual fluff of the everyday.

Therefore, as serious undertakers, God’s people must immerse themselves in his word and his teachings and not ever atrophy by going along with the world in its predictable dissipations.  Those who believed the truth one day would be amazed at how much they have forgotten if they but read the Scriptures and listened to a preached podcast these days.  Though the falloff has been staggering, many lulled to sleep have hardly noticed.  Listen again, hear again, come alive again, and live again.  The effort remains minimal compared to the incalculable payoff.

In a ministry such as this one, where changes and advancements come with ever-new territories, coming alive again is not only possible, it is mandatory.  God takes his pruning shearers to this vine (John 15:1-2).  Lollygagging about has profited a grand total of zero disciples of Jesus to date, and has only dropped such people out of the Kingdom and left them wondering what in the world happened to them.  Alternatively, they could have just come alive again.

So, where to start?

First, be real, raw, straight, and honest.  Even kids are called to be this, and for the most part, easily beat hypocritical adults in this game.  So, maintain pace with four-year-olds for starters.  Second, see and acknowledge (make a list, even) where God has been absolutely right where he has spoken (Romans 3:4) against you.  Rather than backpedalling or retreating, engage and snuggle up to God’s truth and let it heal and liberate as it was intended to do.  Third, earnestly seek God while working it all out as prescribed—powerfully and delightfully.  This racket does not compare to the hundred-meter dash.  Rather, these durable truths last entire lifetimes up and down a dynamic relationship with the Alpha and the Omega.  Feel free not to conclude everything by mid-afternoon.  Hang out a while.

Anybody giving so much as a rip (especially those who have already tasted the real deal) could easily and enthusiastically implement these three easy steps.  With much disappointment, it will have to be assumed that those who fail to do so sadly could not find a rip to give.  At some point, facts reach the scales and begin to count.  For the willing, coming alive again will be reminiscent of the heights of the first time, but with healthy, boatload doses of wisdom and wariness to go along with it.

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Come Alive Again — 4 Comments

  1. Amen! I have to prove to God I am a serious undertaker by making every effort to draw closer to Him. “Eating the scroll”, constantly praying, listening to messages, sharing what I have learned, being in the light, and participating in ministry dynamics are only a few ways I can demonstrate I am seriously seeking His touch. I will definitely implement these three steps while enjoying the process.

  2. Guilty as charged and it is in every aspect of life. I truly have no purpose, care, drive, ambition or REAL desire outside of Christ. Everything else is hopelessly empty but instantly gratifying, and like most animals, outside of the truth I only consider the immediate present. Blah, blah, blah, I know, I’m just letting you know you’re not crazy nor alone in your understanding.

  3. In my list of priorities (the firts category being My relationship with my God), I wrote “not to forget what has been taught.” I put it there when I could see what would have become the brute beast of me by forgetting. The seriousness of forgetting, or just simply not caring anymore–getting numb, confused, powerless, and further, further away from God and true fellowship with His people–hits my heart. Unless we don’t care, this message will become a boring one to us and one that will be forgotten as well!

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