Mikkelson Harbor, Antarctica 2011: The Ling foursome apparently set out to prove that staying in touch in the modern age can be accomplished from anywhere on the planet. Won’t you take a moment to touch base and to share?

Questions, comments, inquiries, and all other contacts are personally and immediately delivered to Trent Ling via the form below.  He has always done his best to remain at the ready and to be personally available.  So, do not be shy; Trent lives for this stuff!

Trent never would have studied the Bible had those who knew better not pushed, prodded, pulled and persuaded him to do so.  Likewise, Trent never would have prospered in his lifelong education without inspiration and goading from those who openly and gladly shared their wisdom, knowledge, passion, prowess, and care.

In turn, Trent forever carries a similar two-front urgency for others.  He shares, appeals, exemplifies, and pours it out always that others may find their callings and niches both in the Kingdom of God and in this fascinating life on Earth. Thus, Trent greatly looks forward to hearing from you.