European Fulcrum

Paris, France 2010: Who in their right mind detests Europe? The freedom, the history, the culture, the seat of Western influence and prosperity, Europe has it all. No wonder the GOP’s nuanced chants with customarily little explanation fell upon deaf ears.

From Trent Ling:

In the recent Presidential campaign, candidate Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans railed and protested against policies and directives that seemed to be setting America upon a European course.  “We do not want to become Europe,” became the “conservative” mantra.

Of course, this slogan failed miserably for a number of reasons.  First, very few people know what, if anything, has gone wrong with Europe.  Second, nearly the entirety of the non-Western world would give anything for a chance to live in a place like Europe.  Third, true frontiersmen bent upon liberty and advancement and who would eschew European socialism represent but a dying remnant of the American population at this stage of the game.  Fourth, neither Romney nor the GOP proffered viable alternatives to combat the enormity of the challenges faced by the fragile social/financial structures in Western nations.

And so, when Europe becomes a dividing point, a fulcrum, the whole world and a rapidly growing portion of the United States immediately and almost instinctively gladly choose Europe over anything they have ever known, tasted, or imagined.  Thusly, the Democratic Party’s new stranglehold on the White House has solidified.

Even while Obamacare in America has long endured dismal approval ratings, that tide too seems to be turning.  Whether from exhaustion, or from the realization that healthcare issues were hardly trouble-free prior to Obamacare, or from the slow-boiling phenomenon whereby populations ultimately assent to most anything, America’s bone-crushing healthcare law no longer receives the near unanimity of derision realized in its infancy.  Much of this again reflects typical Republican failures.  For instance, “Two Real Healthcare Issues,” penned in 2009, remains completely unaddressed by either party. And as God almost always rules even for the evil over and against the cowardly, the GOP loses again and again.

Ultimately, there must be room for smart, sensible, clean, and democratic policy-making where cooperative agreement upon a few major issues resolves the human angst of most, while leaving open pathways for those yearning toward their God-given callings to embark upon endeavors nobler than those of merely surviving life on Earth.  None of these hopeful eventualities have yet come upon the scene as Democrats have no interest in political cleanliness and Republicans cannot seem to utter any coherently bold sentences ever.  But, one day, such a state of affairs would defeat the European side of things in the minds of most.  Until such day, America will slide toward Europe as food slides from of a plate.  While this pleases the masses, it regrettably squelches those with higher aims and aspirations.

As in almost everything, this unfortunate demise of the American ideal stems from an utter lack of leadership.  Blaming of the masses likely warrants, but without a genuine leadership to test the mettle and sensibilities of the masses, the responsibility and culpability fall to those who know that options far greater than European socialism exist but who cannot or will not clearly enunciate such.

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  1. Me too, Papa as I realized how enriching this posting is and I’d better not miss one single thing. I looked up some words on the dictionary as well. Thank you, Om Trent!

  2. Very deep, I had to read 3 or more times to get unstanding!! Hopefully people will do the same.

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