Bali, Indonesia, Asia 2004: The Ling family enjoys a brief photo op in the forest right before being accosted by scores of wild monkeys! To where does your love and ministry drive you?

Jesus came for the sick, not the healthy.  Mark 2:17. Therefore, Trent Ling seeks the same sick, and not the healthy.  He holds out the Word of life.  It will be up to you to hear it, recognize it, care about it, respond to it, take hold of it, and reap a spiritual harvest from it.

God does not and will not build upon faulty foundations. So, we start our spiritual instruction by providing a clean slate and offering intense and necessary spiritual essentials to build-up and to support any life holding to the foundational teachings of Christ.  Hebrews 5:12, 6:1.  The four preached audio messages below (simply click on the linked titles) will open you, break you, free you, and seal you.  They represent a true and living start regardless of where you have been in the past and wherever you may find yourself today or tomorrow.  No matter what you have heard previously, do not deprive yourself of the chance to hear these landmark and bedrock messages.

Dead in the Water

This message presents Trent Ling’s harrowing personal tale leading up to his baffling and intense conversion to Christ at the age of 25.  Not for entertainment purposes, Trent demonstrates specific and humbling openness required by the Scriptures and overtures for others to join him in the light.  Be aware that this message contains mature content.

“Dead in the Water” should open you.  In response, listeners should be ready to speak of themselves, confess their shortcomings, and join the fellowship of the light.  Acts 19:18.  Specifically, listeners should read and consider the following Scriptures to gain a more specific measure of their sin:  Galatians 5:19-21Colossians 3:5-101 Corinthians 6:9-11, and 2 Timothy 3:1-5.  These verses should keep the conversation on track and on target.  Please feel free to demonstrate your openness through the email portal at the Contact Page that you may engage further fellowship.

First Things First

This message presents the deeply convicting, heartbreaking, and humiliating tale of Jesus’ suffering on the receiving end of our sins (especially our deliberate transgressions).  Never motivated by guilt, obligation, or any other coercive emotion or atmosphere, we must see the truth of ourselves and be arrested by the dire consequences for Christ.

“First Things First” should break you.  At some point, our lives must cease being all about us.  Listeners have the chance to be brokenhearted exactly as God intended.  This will liberate the heart, power, and conviction necessary to venture into a life that is truly life–not for us, but for Him and for others.  Appropriate responses are proven by repentance from the sin, godlessness, aimlessness, selfishness, and powerlessness that have plagued us and marked our ways for years.  Acts 26:20.  Please feel free to share your repentance through the email portal at the Contact Page that you may engage further fellowship.

Your Own Revolution

This message demonstrates a reality in God’s universe that those who seek to be free must  individually fight a personal, revolutionary war to become truly liberated.  Though it is the rightful heart of many to confer freedom upon all, sustainable freedom does not accrue in such a way.

“Your Own Revolution” should free you.  In response, listeners will acknowledge God’s offer of freedom, the current absence of freedom, and the call to go to spiritual war on whatever Scriptural scale necessary to reach this indispensable destination.  Appropriate responses will be marked by power, conviction, sobriety, and humility.  Please feel free to advise of your new freedom through the email portal at the Contact Page that you may engage the fellowship further.


This message presents as the most powerful for the humbly ripe, and as the most dangerous for the naively green.  Do not skip or slough the first three messages or their Biblical expectations.  As pre-requisites they stand before this all-important, capstone message.

“Baptism” should seal you.  It will consolidate your life into rebirth in a moment in time and launch you into a completely new life marked by love, power, freedom, and selflessness.  It will lead you to a decision and a moment destined and designed to be the most important of any lifetime.  In it all, God will reveal the secrets of his Kingdom for you to see and to possess.  Please feel free to share your celebration of Scriptural baptism through the email portal at the Contact Page that we may rejoice with you.