Movies #30: Precious

Bogor, Indonesia 2004: A little girl resting in the islands with a sleepy, upside-down, newborn puppy. Precious! As for the film by the same name, if only its characters were able to enjoy even a moment’s peace or rest.

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TWL Score: 6.9 (2009; Rated R; 110 Minutes)


Precious, played remarkably perfectly by newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, presents as an illiterate, overweight, Black teen in Harlem.  Abused, baffled, and in the throes of her second pregnancy, she cannot find solace anywhere—home, school, or on the streets.  Finally, enrolling in alternative school and fending off her dysfunctional past, Precious finds support and opportunity never before known or imagined.  This brutally painful film silently poses the question:  “Who will care about the Preciouses of the world?”

Top 40 Catapults:

1.    Mo’Nique won Oscar’s Best Supporting Actress statuette for her unforgettable turn as Precious’ mother, Mary.  By the bitter end, Mo’Nique had audiences feeling worse for her reprehensible Mary than they did for Precious.  Enduring a deeply scarred lifespan, Mary seems more vacant and more lost than Precious (something nobody would have ever thought possible).  Across this fascinating literary character, Mo’Nique’s gritty portrayal remains one of the very best ever.

2.    Upon first glance and first sound, Precious’ numerous troubles are obvious.  However, over time, as hidden aspects of Precious’ disastrous life come to light, a series of unrelenting and tragic truths roll in with every new reel.  The unceasing collapse is downright stunning.  This fine piece of filmmaking demonstrates how tips of icebergs, paid enough attention, are often found whispering and signaling desperate cries for help if by chance anyone cares, or sees, or listens.

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Movies #30: Precious — 5 Comments

  1. I have so much to look forward to since I haven’t seen too many wonderful movies! And to answer the question — I will. I would love to care about the Preciouses of the world!

  2. I love this movie! The concept of an “alternative school” that fosters disciple-like traits in children and at the same time offers quality education without “standardizing” our children is something I dream off. Precious’ strive for a better life through education reminds me of why I became a teacher :).

  3. Hey Pat, that’s enough… you have repeated yourself in just a few minutes, already 🙂

    This movie was great! I’m with Pat, this is no. 30?… but again, the only movie that stuck in my head as a great movie is the Shawshank Redemption.

  4. Thank you for always enriching me, Om Trent! Will check out the movies on your list that I haven’t seen.

    And Happy Birthday to you today! May you always be refreshed as you continue to refresh us, unconditionally. Love you!

  5. Wow, #30? This movie was wonderful! I hope I’m still alive when #1 is revealed because this will be interesting. I have learned to only enjoy movies that move my heart. Make me mad, make me cry, make me laugh (not from stupidity but from real humor), make me angry, make me hopeful. Move me if I’m going to give you two hours or more of my life.

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