Podcast: A Grisly Task

Evansville, IN 2002: Shortly after giving traveling children a moment alone, parents can pretty much bank on a grisly task coming from the woodwork. Case in point!

Trent Ling’s preached message, “A Grisly Task” comes to the website podcast warehouse today.

Though “church” has somehow become known as a place for the clean-cut and well-dressed, such was hardly the case in the Scriptures.  Rather, Jesus and his disciples were constantly immersed into spiritually unseemly situations as they addressed the murk and muck within the cups of people’s lives.

“No doubt, living in America in 2012 provides a cleaner physical environment than did Jerusalem in Jesus’ day,” Trent acknowledges. “But, the real issue remains one of the true minister’s calling to get down and dirty with people’s spiritual realities.  In that, the grisly task Jesus and the disciples faced 2000 years ago is exactly the same grisly task that I have faced as a minister over the past 22 years while based in America.  The only trouble at all is the darkness of heart and of eye that leaves most unwilling to talk about what’s really going on.  For them, such reluctance and refusal will forever be the greatest of tragedies.  Otherwise, I am up for the grisly and Christ is healer of the grisly.”

To encourage those trapped in darkness, this message lets everyone know that the task is never too great for true ministers of the Gospel.  And yes, the truth that must come out and the turnaround that must be had will often come with shrieks and troubles.  But that only proves that God is right, Christ is alive, and everyone else can also be.

This message features the reading and preaching of the following Scriptures:

Luke 5:30-32

Luke 8:1-3, 26-29, 34-37

Jude :22-23

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Podcast:  A Grisly Task (January 26, 2002; 59:38)

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  1. …and Za would tell long stories about his bugs. Papa would spend hours listening to him. Actually, we all did. Oh, how much we miss that little boy! And the big boy.

  2. How cute is Za in that picture! He’d travel with bags of bugs and cars… and he was always good in packing them back in his little suitcase and made sure none left behind 🙂

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