Podcast: I’m Spiderman

Orlando, FL 2003: Spiderman is not alone in having acrobatic skills and upside down propensities. In addition, like children, disciples of Jesus end up in a great many contortions.

Trent Ling’s preached message, “I’m Spiderman” comes to the website’s public audio podcast library today.

Surely, Spiderman’s life contains a great many twists and turns, angles and mysteries.  Like a disciple of Jesus, Spiderman comes with many facets.  However, among those complexities, Trent believes that he and Spiderman have a particular fate in common.

“The thing that struck me about Spiderman was his inability to disown himself or shed his conflicted calling,” Trent shares. “Despite almost everyone in his life wishing that he would calm down, relax, retire, or become something else, Spiderman ultimately understood that he was stuck with himself.  Similarly, though upon mere terrestrial footing, I know quite clearly that God has called me to solitary endeavors and missions.  I cannot and will not disown them, though they cause me great trouble around the clock.  Such is how it will have to be.  At least I have cool, literary company.  I always wish for many others to sense the fullness of their callings and join us in a spiritually connected fight.”

This message features the reading and preaching of the following Scriptures:

Luke 14:34-35

Galatians 6:4-5

2 Timothy 1:8-12

Acts 13:36

Instructions:  To download on a Mac, control-click the message link below and select a download option.  To download on a PC, right-click the link below and select a download option.  To hear the message outright, simply click the link below and you will be redirected to a listening page.

Podcast:  I’m Spiderman (November 4, 2003; 43:54)

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Podcast: I’m Spiderman — 2 Comments

  1. Regardless if it looks ideal or desirable, I have to forsake my Mary Jane’s for my true calling in Christ, no matter the consequences. I have to use my unique gifts (powers) in the Kingdom and never let my saltiness fade away. Uncle Ben was not that far off when he said “with great power comes great responsibility”. It is my God-given call to advance the Kingdom.

  2. Like Spiderman, I am stuck with my calling too. By the grace he’s given me, I know each time I make a decision.. I have to ask myself if God is with me. Cause without Him, I’ll be trapped in my own web or become lazy, like expecting to get the answer from Trent instead of find out what the Bible says, I chose the shortcut!

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