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Orlando, FL 2003: From a distance, it looks like a fistful of money and corresponding joy. However, upon closer inspection, we simply have a few one-dollar bills and a giddy kid. Sadly, even grown adults get excited about “church” even though it miserably fails to resemble the Church of the Bible.

Trent Ling’s preached message, “Let’s Talk Church” now joins this website’s public audio library.  Preached on the campus of the University of Central Florida, the proclamation of God’s word sets out vigorously and uncompromisingly to demystify notions and misunderstandings of “church.”  Regardless of where people stand, the message aims to test, poke, instruct, clarify, and deliver.

“Preaching on a college campus, we never know what to expect,” Trent explains.  “Obviously, students at that age and station in life seem generally teachable and hungry, though still under parental thumbs.  ‘Let’s Talk Church’ is for all people, that they may know the real deal with what the Bible says about the church.  In almost all cases, I sadly find people who know a lot about their church, but know almost nothing of the depths of the Scriptures.  May this message help CPR them out of that death grip today.”

This message features the reading and preaching of the following Scriptures:

John 4:19-24

1 Corinthians 12:21-24

Instructions:  To download on a Mac, control-click the message link below and select a download option.  To download on a PC, right-click the link below and select a download option.  To hear the message outright, simply click the link below and you will be redirected to a listening page.

Podcast:  Let’s Talk Church (August 25, 2003; 43:32)

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Podcast: Let’s Talk Church — 6 Comments

  1. Since being away from this ministry and attending churches there is no comparisons. It is apples and oranges. Even though I love my church and my people there it is definitely not what I was ever used to with this ministry. I long for the deep, real fellowship that I once had …I know that I could talk about anything and write about it , you can’t do that at church. People live differently in churches, really sad at times, I do believe from my personal experiences. So called “Christians” are so private about their sins. Is a clear violation of James 5:16, they’re are a few people who will get open and honest, but only some out of hundreds … Because I have been in this ministry I got to hear the messages they were mostly really deep, esp. Trent’s, most of the time over my head, then when I am in church the messages seem so much easier, so I came to see how they are “watered down”, compared to what I was taught and what I was used to from this ministry. Even though I didn’t understand a lot then in the past , I am starting to see and understand now, I am reminded of 2 Tim. 3:14-15, that I know I was taught from this ministry the Bible. There is so much that I have held onto and continued to live out , many of times I have wished that I was a part of ya’ll again. Like Trent teaches there is only one thing to be that is a disciple of Christ, nothing else. The churches as a whole and the world have abused the word Christian, I truly see the difference .. thank you for your teachings Trent and Siauw, I understand why you were so hard and strict then, it is very serious business to be a real disciple .. You are not forgotten, ever. I am truly sorry for the damage I have caused through the years. I lost a golden treasure at my own hands. I am not a perfected disciple, never will be, only Jesus is perfect.. I have so much to grow and learn in daily, I have been given much more than the next person to continue to live out , I am thankful today….With all my heart..

  2. I agree with Siauw and Jamie. I always want to be where “my deal” is declared to me through the light of the Scriptures. Our ministry is just that place! “Churches” and religious phoniness only derailed me from God’s track because of their brittle and convenient teachings. I was living a lie and not worshiping in “spirit and the truth”. I was not freed from my life of sin through “church” but by a real encounter with the unadulterated word of God.

    Oh! I also agree with Meme… Za was a cute little boy :).

  3. It is amazing to see so many denominations out there to choose from. You can talk about beautiful churches and its people all day, shop for a church that suit your life style! But Jesus had made it easier for us, John 4:23 Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.” So, if you’re still not sure which church you should be a part of, please listen to this message and read the scriptures referred. I stumbled to the church Jesus talked about in the Bible, here in this ministry.

  4. Amen.

    Upon listening to this message, people have the rare opportunity to explicitly come clean with how they have watered down the scriptures.

    Then they can get some real help.

    Why have a form of godliness but deny its power?

  5. Once again~~~evidence that Za was the cutest little boy in the history! So sweet, so nice, so fun!

  6. Aww…! That was Za’s 10th birthday! He was so thrilled to find those $1 bills, little did he know.. 🙂

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