Podcast: No Silver, No Gold, No Problem

Yukon Territory, Canada 2008: In the days of the Rush, those panning for gold (like this tourist in the background) would consider this title to be inappropriate. But in Christ, no earthly riches are needed to minister the truth fully and accurately.

Trent Ling’s preached message, “No Silver, No Gold, No Problem,” has finally been added to the podcast library of this website.  The message aims to empower any and all armed with the truth that nothing more is needed in order to commence with the living and the ministering.

“This iteration of the ministry has been lavished in God’s blessings spiritually, educationally, and materially,” Trent insists.  “Unfortunately, many have gotten spoiled and have come to believe and act as if without the material, the spiritual and educational are not enough. They are flatly wrong.  The ministry was born from nothing into something.  And nothing material has ever been needed to live or minister the truth.  Our blessings will never become our demands.  You have to go somewhere else for that.”

For those wondering about, or struggling over, the necessary means to preach, teach, give, learn, grow, and thrive, this message could not have come available at a better time.

This message features the reading and preaching of the following Scriptures:

Acts 3:1-6

Matthew 10:8b-10

2 Corinthians 6:10b

James 1:16-17

Instructions:  To download on a Mac, control-click the message link below and select a download option.  To download on a PC, right-click the link below and select a download option.  To hear the message outright, simply click the link below and you will be redirected to a listening page.

Podcast:  No Silver, No Gold, No Problem (October 6, 2007; 72:00)

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Podcast: No Silver, No Gold, No Problem — 2 Comments

  1. I remember Siauw used to tell me “you can help with anything” (i.e., what your hands find to do, giving advice, etc.). So, it has never been about materials and, hence what’s ultimately become the “excuse” of not being able to help simply because we just have no money! But, I also understand being responsible from the Bible, not to distort the fact that no silver, no gold does not mean laziness, hoping for everyone’s favor (“faithful receiver”). Love you.

  2. God is so great! To have an opportunity to still be offered the truth and offer it to others is grand! May Jesus, Peter, John, and Paul be our guide in ministry efforts from now on! Tremendously humbling and right! Love you,

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