Radio Boy

Following his on-air radio debut at age 14 and his audition broadcasts at age 15, Trent Ling was hired at age 16 as a full-time football and basketball play-by-play announcer at local news and sports juggernaut, KONA radio, in Tri-Cities, Washington.  Taking the gig and the assignments in stride with seriousness and enthusiasm, Trent spent his Junior and Senior years of high school traversing the State of Washington, calling games and fulfilling a dream.

“I guess I’ve never had a real job because this was how the beginning unfolded,” Trent reminisces. “Surely I had no resume or qualifications for the gig, but I was determined to make the most of it in gratitude and in line with rather strict personal standards, even at that age.  Let’s see, my mom, Dennis, Frank, and Dean represented the corporate ladder here.  My mom told Dennis (who worked at KONA) that I needed an interview; Dennis told Frank (who interviewed me rather casually at first); then Dean (who owned the station) went on a limb, hired me, and put me on the air upon Frank’s risky recommendation.  I still cannot believe that all of that came together like that.  How great and wonderful are those four? Exactly!”

Below, this artifact photograph of 16-year-old Trent shows him hard at work in the KONA studios gathering information for his next broadcast.  Of course, for most people, this picture will only prompt questions.  What’s up with the hair?  Is that a manual typewriter on the desk?  Seriously, reel-to-reel tapes?  What kind of phone is that, some type of intercom?

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Radio Boy — 6 Comments

  1. Amen for the people God put in your life, Om Trent!

    Oh, and speaking of the manual typewriter, I am not that far behind =) Had some good years using it.

  2. Hey Michael, But as you know, your work was far from done–very far indeed! Getting this beached whale back into the ocean (and keeping him in open waters) has been no easy feat for you and others. I am forever grateful. Thank you and Love you.

  3. Trent, the, “what do you think?” question about a verse being shared with you and the resulting five alarm fire from your intelligent input, and my two cents to try and save the situation had us standing outside in the dark dumbfounded. My feeble assessment to you, a Duke law student, was “you must be a serious guy,” that heaven would expose this bozo minister so instantly and harshly. It is when you were given your Bible and God said, “I got this!” Well, for me, this is meat on the bone for what I could not possibly fathom and God having the cat bird seat. You went upstairs with the Bible. I would go inside to look for a fire extinguisher for the five alarm fire in my dining room.

  4. Hey Meme, I think you’re right. The site only has access to the original picture from the photographer, but I think this appeared in the Wasco not the TCH! The website should hire you as fact-checker and all-around eagle eye!

  5. I don’t remember this picture in the paper! But I do remember, we were always at the Pasco High games watching Trent’s brother play and at the same time listening to Trent on our ‘transistor’ radio. We were such fortunate parents to have our boys entertaining us. Ah, the memories.

  6. Oh my ghost, the young Trent and his hair! 🙂 You’re so fortunate to have all those wonderful people in your life. Not to mention you’ve the best mom, ever. Love the picture. Hey, are those some eight track tapes in the corner? 😀

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