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Orlando, FL 2008: So how do I get out of here? Where’s the door? And more importantly, where’s the grub, or at least the notorious fillet of husband? Of course, all of this and more remains but a click away on the Vault Page.

As this website deluges its followers with daily offerings, proper absorption and sufficient digestion will always run below their potentials.  And these shortfalls will reveal themselves in people periodically finding themselves confused, hungry, lethargic, and stuck (among other things).  Therefore, this site maintains and provides readily accessible playbooks and menus to help the willing and the diligent overcome these troubles.

The Vault Page provides a continuously updated listing of links (now numbered in the hundreds) to all posts in website history.  These links provide tried, true, and ready-made plays and menu options for those needing a breakout and for those needing something to eat.

“To me, the Vault Page is the treasure trove of the entire website,” Trent Ling opines. “At various times, we all become like this praying mantis.  We need a play to run that will get us out of a rut or out of jail altogether.  Just a cursory rundown of the plays available on the Vault Page shows several powerful options for the earnest who will actually run the plays.  Similarly, we hunger.  But beyond that, we must eat in order to grow, mature, and develop like this same mantis.  Another rundown of the links will easily reveal dozens of juicy morsels fit for any caloric need or occasion.”

Those unable to run a successful play on the field of life and those failing to grow up in every way must be paying the Vault Page no attention at all.  Amazingly, the playbooks and the menus remain just a free and painless click away.  No excuses.

Please feel free to join and further the discussion via the options below. No email or website information is required to post comments (unless you seek the notifications offered).


Site: Playbook and Menu Links — 3 Comments

  1. I agree! I have always seen the Links Page as the inner chamber of a wonderful vault. People who “store up treasures in heaven” (Matthew 6:20) will easily recognize the spiritual wealth and treasures stored within. No key, combination, or membership required, just a genuine hunger for the Truth.

  2. Treasure trove indeed! Thank you for the grand buffet you provide us with, all we need to do is just put the foods in our mouth!

  3. I love the Links Page too. It’s a bottomless buffet of food for free! Thank you for your generosity.

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