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Leeds, England 2010: Sometimes a partially opened door gives a hint or clue as to the riches within. May these four excerpts whet the appetite of those who would like to get on with a post-nonsensical America.

Welcome to the page of excerpts for Trent Ling’s Six Secessional Signs.  Below, four brief bites from the book are offered.

Excerpt #1:  “America needs a cure.  On the brink, she cannot at all survive on her present course.  And yet her voters refuse to hear her, help her, or heal her.  Spastically unreliable, the electorate largely pays America no attention at all.  Rather, it votes instinctively for its self-centered, short-term, and ever-weirder interests regardless of the dire consequences.”

Excerpt #2:  “In 21st-century America, only one in four Black children is born to married parents.  Of Hispanic children, fewer than one in two are born to married parents.  How much have these cancerous statistics been discussed, debated, and overcome in public discourse and with this current president?  Not at all!  The Blue machinery counts the Black vote in its corner; the Black vote delivers election after election; and Black America declines and crumbles further as if such were its destiny.  And now more and more, Hispanic voters are similarly expected to deliver Blue candidates the votes they need.  These Hispanic voters will also get nothing meaningful or durable from the Blues in return.  Partly as a result of these dire familial statistics, Black and Hispanic children gravely underperform their White and Asian peers in school, and the vicious cycle continues unabated.  No matter, Blacks and Hispanics continue to vote Blue at any cost and will seemingly do so until the end of time.”

Excerpt #3:  “Entertainment formerly offered well-timed or well-deserved breaks from the ordinary.  Now, entertainment has become the ordinary.  The modern world formerly gasped at the horrors of ancient times.  The Roman Colosseum marks a time of morally vacant, deathly entertainment.  Today’s rah-rah, gay-gay, abort, gimme, stem-cell, down-with-God, cannot-blush, amuse-me, Blue narrative, supported by enough people and leaders to be here to stay, shows that the Colosseum could easily re-open for business without any additional stretch of Blue moral rules.  Tolerance, appeasement, fear, and hoping it will go away have failed to rebuff The Hunger Games tsunami from becoming a new and terrifying American reality.”

Excerpt #4:  “Are these the United States of America or the Enslaved States of America?  The United States or the Coerced States?  For those paying any attention at all, these are no longer the united states of anything.  The party has ended, but apparently nobody has gotten the memo or yet gone home.  Ripe for secession, does America have any alternatives?  No.  The only alternatives are much more horrifying than peaceful secession.  And secession stands as the only process that American institutions, protections, and ideals can today support and deliver.”

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