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New York, NY 2010: Lady Liberty offered hope and opportunity to hard-working and weary immigrants long ago. Perhaps, with “Six Secessional Signs” now infiltrating the public consciousness through its national press release today, liberty will begin to avail itself in proper form once again. In any case, it will all eventually go exactly as the book suggests. And as always, freedom will win out for those who dare to be worthy of it.

The following national press release was distributed today to announce Trent Ling’s new book Six Secessional Signs:  Why America Must Come Apart.


Dateline:  Orlando, FL (April 29, 2013)

For how long can America persist on its miserably failing fiscal, political, cultural, educational, and spiritual trajectories?  “Not long,” said author Trent Ling.  “The incontrovertible signs of a secessional tomorrow press today and every day for a clean split between Red and Blue in America.  Short- or long-term, secession now officially presents as an American inevitability.”

Evangelist, Educator, Esquire Trent Ling brings his unique and hefty perspective to bear on the longings and groanings of today’s America.  Citing and illuminating passages taken exclusively from the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bible, Ling ushers readers to the one, unmistakable conclusion regarding America’s ultimate fate.  A voluntarily preaching and teaching evangelist for 22 years, an imminently successful litigator for 21 years, and a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Leadership currently, Ling offers an unparalleled perspective across an array of issues.

Engage Six Secessional Signs and break the monotony of current debates by engaging author Ling on a host of advanced matters, such as the following:

  • Why boisterous celebrations of gay marriage only mask sad and doomed realities
  • Why true conservatives would rather lose elections than anymore ride with the GOP
  • How an immeasurable visceral upheaval in Reds lies in wait and bides its time
  • Why those who know better will not ultimately cede the country to know-nothings
  • Why secession has finally emerged as the sole solution for Red impasses with Blue

To interview Trent Ling and to engage his impassioned views, uncanny insights, and one-of-a-kind rationale, feel free to reach him directly via the Contact Page or the Press Page.  A richly fascinating conversationalist, Ling routinely says what nobody else could or would ever say.

All should always find Trent Ling to be humble, honest, and bold—all at the same time.  An impressive sampling of his work can be experienced on his multi-media website at www.TrentLing.comSix Secessional Signs can be obtained at its own Amazon Page.  The challenging and chilling reality of Ling’s near-fatal spiritual crash can be heard at the audio podcast, “Dead in the Water.”  And, proof and explanation as to how he holds no animus, but simply offers life and light to others can be digested from his audio podcast, “I Don’t Care, I Love You.”

The press kit for Six Secessional Signs includes Trent Ling’s brief Biography, a few book Excerpts, and a Q&A sample.

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