Bogor, Indonesia 2011: A cluster of beach balls at the botanical gardens is somewhat like an array of Q&A over a new book claiming to have insight into America’s ultimate fate. Enjoy and enjoy.

The following Q&A sample from Trent Ling pertains to his new book Six Secessional Signs: Why America Must Come Apart.  Verbal answers would require between 30 and 120 seconds depending on time constraints, and expansions of these questions and answers could easily fill any number of alternative timeframes.  Note:  This Q&A largely concerns subject matter not specifically addressed in Six Secessional Signs.

Q:  Why should anyone read Six Secessional Signs?  It sounds so far-fetched?

A:  Six Secessional Signs delivers the definitive elevator ride out of the Obama abyss and up to the helipads of liberty.  Torrentially dismissive, it delivers the ultimate pre-game speech to those grown-ups who have truly seen, heard, and had more than enough already.

Signs presents as pre-requisite reading.  After digestion, graduates of the book are then fully prepared—inspired, without doubt, and without fear—to pour their lives, treasures, and sacred honors into a renewed America just as the Founders did.  Signs sets the temperature, assesses the stakes, and green lights the lone remaining path to liberty available on the planet today.

The national conversation will be changing.  Signs sets the stage, and gets readers on and ahead of the upcoming curves.  Far from far-fetched, secession stands as a merciful, life-giving inevitability.


Q:  Isn’t your animosity toward President Obama harsh and unfair?

A:  It’s not animosity.  It’s reality.  And, yes, it may smack as a bit harsh or unfair.  But it’s the truth.  My indictment of President Obama is perfectly fitting, and his turn in the Oval Office is the first Sign that America can longer endure but must yield to a future of secessional states.

For example, honestly, the president is not even smart enough to be embarrassed.  The teleprompter thing alone is a long-running, worldwide joke.  But, he has no clue.  Nor is he virtuous enough to be ashamed.  This is the most shocking revelation in the land today, but nobody sees it or says it.  Neither American households, nor the nation as a whole can afford or withstand Obama’s presidency, the electorate that launched it, or the noise that defends it.  The Obama presidency is far more harsh and unfair to sensibility than Signs could ever be to anybody.


Q:  What about the critics who will call you a sexist and a racist?

A:  Well, such critics are more than welcome to holler at the wall or bark at the moon.  They have zero idea what they’re talking about.  I have a mom, a wife, and a daughter.  I rightly marvel at them daily.  I preach and teach that the hardest thing facing women is the increasing goofiness of men.  Any sexist charge against me is just silly.  The Bible calls women not to give way to fear in 1 Peter 5.  So do I.  No real mother would surrender her children’s futures, and no real mother would terminate her babies.  The fact that I share these facts hardly smacks of sexism.  Rather, it glorifies true womanhood and motherhood.

On the racial front, I married an Asian woman from the other side of the planet; I was spiritually rescued and delivered at the hands of Black men; and a plurality of my ministry is Hispanic.  For kickers, my dad is a blooded member of an American Indian tribe.  The reality here, rare indeed, is that I love everybody.  And love, among other things, tells the truth.  Those barren of love and thereby averse to the truth simply do not understand my blessed perspective or the power of love and light.  Unaccustomed to real love, many simply cannot compute its offerings.


Q:  So what’s really going on here?  Did Americans just lose their way?

A:  If only it were just that.  We are suffering beneath an inoperable cancer of faux intellect.  Very few people have a clue, but everybody has something to say.  Voters and officeholders alike have only ratcheted up their words, but the direction of the country gets dumber and dumber.

For example, bipartisan rhetoric on Immigration Reform first and foremost posits legal legitimization of illegal aliens who have essentially invaded the country.  Rather than deal with this criminal concern and reconcile the weirdness of rewarding invaders, both political parties are jumping over each other to dole out legal status to those who have no right, claim, or legitimacy even to be here.

Another example, the GOP has long been railing against European socialism and trying to win elections with such disdainful scoffing.  But, the GOP does not even realize that the growing demographics in America would love to live in a place such as a socialized Europe.  The rest of the world pales in comparison to Europe and its progeny (America, Canada, Oceania).  The GOP will apparently never figure out why its bashing of Europe has failed to win the applause of desperate Third World immigrants now voting in America.


Q:  So how much time does America have, then?

A:  None, actually.  The clocks are ticking away and time bombs could go off at any moment.  Terrorism is not even close to being our greatest threat.  Case in point, America will fall from the cliffs for real when one of the five conservative Supreme Court Justices exits the Court.  Since there will not be any more conservative presidents to appoint rational Justices, the Court going Blue is simply a matter of time.  Reagan appointees Justice Scalia and Justice Kennedy are 77 and 76, respectively.  This Supreme Court expiration looms more ominously than do any fiscal cliffs or budget impasses.  When this Court goes, everything will come undone and turn deeply and darkly Blue.

In fact, calculated efforts to restrain the federal government in secessional developments should be made to this current Court, which might hamstring and restrain the anticipated federal and popular backlash and grandstanding.


Q:  What does Six Secessional Signs do for its readers?  Where does it get them?

A:  Signs provides rich and insightful issue identification and solution elucidation.  For instance, the homosexual onslaught in America has reached preposterous proportions in short order.  It receives a full chapter in the book and could easily be the subject of several books.  In a nutshell, the homosexual advance presents as a clear sign that America must come apart.

Consider this egregious example, not in the book, that cannot be squared with sanity.  Remember last Super Bowl Week when San Francisco cornerback Chris Culliver dared to joke around with an informal interviewer about whether Culliver would be welcoming toward a gay teammate?  Well, in a laughing, poo-poohing way, he was not too keen on the prospect.  This innocuous incident, of course, immediately brought the full weight and brunt of the gay-rights community against Culliver.  How hypocritical of the gay community!  First, the notoriously unwholesome speech of gay men makes anything Culliver ever said appear saintly.  Second, the need of grown men to have an obscure football player approve their sodomy smacks of the grandest of absurdities.  And third, when will the gay community care about someone other than its own and perhaps let slide a young man’s harmless words voiced on the giddy cusp of the pinnacle of his success—a Super Bowl appearance?

This homosexual wave spells America’s inevitable doom and division.  Amid the chants and cheers, nobody seems to notice the embarrassing backwardness of it all.


Q:  Won’t this possibly just blow over once Obama leaves office?

A:  Absolutely not.  America’s problems are far from topical or superficial.  We have reached and passed electoral and popular tipping points into the wrong direction.  Deep down, freedom-loving citizens have long-suffered an intolerable angst, given the demise of their once resilient country.  These people are not pleased, and more than that, they will do something about this once and for all.

There is no ebb/flow recovery from today’s America.  Fellowship cannot fix it, as we saw with the Tea Party movement.  Talk cannot fix it, as we have witnessed with the many national conversations in the Obama years that have only made the nation Bluer.  And elections can no longer fix it, as we saw in Romney’s loss in 2012.  Only secession can fix it.  And we will see that gaining steam and taking place in America’s next chapter.

For the first time ever, Americans are trapped.  And in their own country no less.  It’s surreal and awful.  Political talk show hosts continue in campaign mode, but Obama is immune to such talk.  Beyond that, no campaign will stop Obama’s Blue successor from victory in 2016.

To the rescue, Signs provides a bypass of all of this meaningless talk and the nonsense of current political discourse.  Elections across the 50-state America no longer offer any anticipation, let alone solution.  Signs mercifully gets free people past all of the delay, wrangling, and waste.  Secession gives the free today what they will never get in America ever again—hopes, dreams, and livable realities.


Q:  Why secession?  Why not a less drastic political or diplomatic solution?

A:  Secession is both ripe and right.  The country is desperate and will not ever be able to maneuver itself again to reach open waters or prosperous pathways.  Regulations alone have taken nearly all of the oxygen out of the air and nearly all of the fire out of the belly of movers and shakers.  These are despondent times beneath reprehensible leadership.  And ultimately, secession is selfless—the regaining and preserving of a peaceful and worthy place for loved children to have and to enjoy.

The ripeness and the rightness will not be denied.  The Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution will always be on their sides.

Perhaps many scratch their heads at secession because they are unaccustomed to contemplating such logistics.  But, companies dissolve and spouses divorce.  Assets are divvied up and each surviving entity goes his, her, or its own way.  This happens all-day, every day.  It hardly represents a head scratcher.

Secession of the Red States does not even represent something as unfortunate as divorce or other disloyal or disunited stance.  Rather, the Red States leaving America is more akin to the removal of a suicidally deceased Siamese twin.  The Blues have destroyed themselves, and now gangrenous, they look to destroy the Reds as well.  Excision from the Blues is the only way for anyone with standards to survive.


Q:  So, bottom line, what’s really at stake here as you see it?

A:  Several ultimate questions arise.  Will those who know better cede their nation to those who do not know better?  Americans have long fought wars for liberty, but will they not secede for liberty?  So far, even liberty-loving Americans seem rather docile and willing to ride out the nonsense.

But seriously, this is simply no way to live.  Once the secessional conversation seriously and gainfully commences, it’s over.  And one state after another after another will bid Obama World adieu.  It will, in an uplifting way, counter the cavalcade of lawmakers coming out daily for gay marriage.  But in this instance, it will be a line of sensible people and their states coming out for a perpetuation of sense, morality, freedom, and prosperity.


Q:  Do you not see any signs for hope for a 50-state America?

A:  No, absolutely not.  The devolution is nearly complete.  Only the rapid downhill remains.  For example, in the realm of American leadership and statesmanship, Obama routinely sets his diminutive sights on whatever China does.  “China this” and “China that” the president chimes ad infinitum.  Then GOP leaders endlessly reduce themselves by bristling about “Obama this” and “Obama that.”  Worse than a dog chasing its tail, America’s “leaders” represent the furthest things from leadership ever witnessed.  All they do is chase, chase, chase, and chase.  Nobody leads.  America bleeds.

This pathetic undoing of American preeminence will go on forever, unless secession brings it to a long-overdue conclusion.


Q:  Couldn’t this go really badly?  Like a Civil War II?

A:  Perhaps Obama today or Hillary in 2017 will drone strike and nuke seceding Red States.  Hallelujah!  At least such patriots would no longer have to tolerate the Blue nonsense!  But in reality, the last thing the Blues need or want is a tussle with awakened Reds who once again sense the possibilities of real emancipation.  This government cannot even manage an easygoing people.  It cannot even get over Third World opposition operating from the dust.  Thus secession will not result in Civil War II and it will not be met with military resistance.

Six Secessional Signs provides a paradigmatic shift in thinking which gets the ball rolling toward a freedom option in America in 2013.  Unthinkable amid today’s impotence, liberty yet remains only an easy decision away for those still genuinely up for it.  It’s right there for the Reds’ taking.

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  1. Hey Richard, I expect free people to roll the dice, endure the consequences, learn from their mistakes, and forge ahead wiser still. Without forking over a fortune to the Feds, each of the 50 states could easily wield economic powers greater than many of the world’s countries that seemingly slug it out generation after generation. Subsequent alliances could and would be based on sensibility and likemindedness, and not on the coercions of bought elections. The key is the vote going only to those not receiving money benefits from the government, as outlined in the book. That will bring the current nonsense to an overdue end. Those states without such standards will financially implode with nobody around to pay the bills.

  2. Do you deem it possible for the seceded States to survive economically? Is economic independence a possibility for all States, or do you envision som kind of economic union between those States who choose to break away?

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