Television: Trent Interviews Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick

Perennially embattled Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick enjoyed friendly times during his inaugural year in office, especially when he joined Trent Ling for an impromptu interview on ESPN following the 2002 Gold Cup Unlimited Hydroplane race on the fabled Detroit River.  Local businesses and the mayor’s office joined forces to stage the historic event following staggering financial calamities from the 9-11 terrorist attacks and the ever-unwinding Motor City economy.

“Not always do high-ranking officials appreciate the big boats,” Trent confessed 10 years later.  “When we were alerted that Mayor Kilpatrick not only attended the races, but was a big fan, and that he had made sure that the city put in the necessary resources to make it happen, we were enthusiastic to get his reflections on the air.  Of course, he did not disappoint.  I have heard of his subsequent troubles and feel bad that our bubbly start was not the end of the story.”

For Trent’s interview with Mayor Kilpatrick, watch the video below:

Post-script:  After winning re-election in 2005, Kilpatrick resigned his office under scandal in 2008.  Prosecution of his mayorship has gone on for years and promises to continue into 2013.

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