The End of the World

A merciful whirlwind of a month in the Fall of 1990 brought Trent Ling out of a brutal, spiritual death spiral and into the bountifully immeasurable Kingdom of God.  As honestly and painstakingly recounted in his preached message, “Dead in the Water,” Trent was rapidly running out of options as to what to do with himself.  His plan was to go to Las Vegas, end up in trouble, likely run out the string while there, and consider it a life unwinnable at age 25 despite its promising resume and potential.

In a turn of events that only God in Heaven could orchestrate, Trent was introduced to the Bible for real and began studying it for the first time ever just days before heading to Las Vegas.  On the night before his flight out, he received revelation that simply being a disciple of Jesus was the thing to be!  It hit him so clearly and deeply that he proceeded with his travel plans, confronted the demons in the streets, said “no” to any and all temptations, freshly visited with friends he had planned to see, lived by the miraculously sufficient power of God’s enabling and drawing (John 6:44, 65), and returned home to be taught the rest of the way, becoming a full-fledged disciple of Jesus just 13 days after returning from Las Vegas.

“Those were such rich days, let me tell you,” Trent recalls 22 years later. “Michael, Marvin, Scott and others really worked hard for me, and Michael in particular initiated with me and would not let me go.  To confront the demons on Satan’s turf and to win so easily marked for me the undeniable fact that God is the one to join.  Despite all of my worldly successes or achievements, nothing has or will ever compare with God-given victory against monstrously impossible odds.”

Upon leaving “Sin City” Trent had the following photograph snapped to memorialize the end of the world for him.  With his stuffed traveling companion Willard (at his right knee) amidst the clamoring ambiance of the casino, Trent bid the world adieu:

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The End of the World — 6 Comments

  1. My neighbor Xavier said that end of the world is for Dec ’12. Hey, cheers to that! I think that’s a good one! May more and more people bidding the world adieu even sooner than that… Call me a dreamer.

  2. Hey, isn’t The End of the World in Ushuaia, Argentina? It’s a beautiful place 🙂
    Anyway, here’s to you leaving your old world! Amen for God orchestration; using Michael, Marvin, Scott and others to change your life from dead in sin to become a real disciple of Christ, and in turn, now God has been keeping you busy (as an evangelist, a husband, and a father to two wonderful adult teens) to change the world.

  3. Amen for you being introduced to the bible for real and receiving revelation from God, and being faithful with the calling. Saying adieu to the world takes a decision, but possible for those willing and determined. No regret, no looking back. May more and more people come to their senses even as they are reading this and not taking your laying your life down in Dead in The Water message for granted.

  4. We could all mine and write similarly, and as a result be fed and feed others with our accounts of how our world ended as well. Thanks bro

  5. It is funny that the word “adieu” or “adios” in Spanish (a – Dieu, a – Dios) means (to/towards – God). That was exactly what was happening! You were leaving your life of sin and moving “towards God.” Very cool!

    I agree with Pat, that this wonderful God-led orchestration has touched us all! Now we can to lead people “a – Dieu” because of His wonderful mercy to us. ¡Adios to all!

  6. That was the miraculous beginning for us all. Amen! Thank you Michael, Marvin and Scott. It’s marveling how the Lord orchestrates what he orchestrates amid everything going on moment by moment.

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