Trent TV: Behind the Pitch

Today’s Trent TV installment employs a baseball analogy to express life in Christ and life to the full.  Stammering and stumbling over his thoughts, Trent Ling gamely tries to reiterate his complaint that there is never enough time to share, express, or otherwise place into the record books all that is happening.  And yet, he laments over the many who make so little of the time available and he openly wonders what that must mean for them.

“These are indeed great problems to have,” Trent insists. “Having all of the time and resources necessary could probably only mark an unlived life.  But, we should get some sounds out of everyone, here and there.  Comparatively, I often feel like Pink in Pink Floyd’s The Wall, ‘Is there anybody out there?’  I am always hopeful that people will come alive, have something to say, and actually say it.  Now that would be a party!”

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  1. Since God brought me out from my sinful dugout and made me step to the plate in the Kingdom’s uniform, I have also experienced the incredible speed and power of His pitch. But I have noticed that when I lose focus of the ball I start striking out and missing wonderful opportunities to advance the kingdom or completing things that God wants me to get done. I have to be more focused and alert to at least be “behind the pitch”. If not, I will have a lowest batting average in this spiritual league. I really need to honor God with my RBI’s.

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