Trent TV: Iraqi Rules

Today’s Trent TV episode regrettably examines the delicate balancing act involved in undertaking rescue and relief operations.  On the surface, options may look straightforward to most.  But, through the benefit of experience, comparative hindsight, and impartially predictive models, great works are seen as always containing multiple complications and risks. For instance, the traditions of men (like false religious assumptions) always nullify even real and insightful help (Mark 7:13).  There is no penetrating the facade of those who have wrongly convinced themselves that they are Christians.  Not even God’s daily wrath has been able to convince them otherwise.

“My heart always tells me to go for it and to believe that, in gratitude to God, people can and will survive liberation and rescue,” Trent Ling explains. “But in war, we routinely see liberated people become mindbogglingly ungrateful despite the blood, sweat, and tears spent upon them by others.  Similarly, in ministering, the same tragic phenomenon occurs routinely. It’s a total bummer, and with days and opportunities always short, wise choices as to where to spend efforts must be made. Some people insist through their actions that they not be saved (even though they would deny such with their lips).”

For more on “Iraqi Rules” and the dilemmas of helping, check out the exclusive Trent TV video below:

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Trent TV: Iraqi Rules — 2 Comments

  1. Here I am sitting and recalling how I got broken the first time. It was the humility realizing that God stooped down to me though I didn’t seek Him. He gave me hope when I was clueless. He sent Trent and Siauw for me to shape the path for me when I didn’t know where to go, only trying to pursue my own worldly dream. I was introduced to the real deal and was up for it. Talking about real rescue! Just in time before I plunged into the sea of dissipation. This is the life I am up to living and no turning back.

  2. I am going to own up to my Iraqi responsibility. I will run with whatever is ministered to me because it is a privilege to be sharpened by the Body. I will not brush off a teaching because I don’t agree with it, but instead I will humbly accept it and consider it. I will not waste the effort and time spent on me by promising I will work on it in the future or when my time allows it. No, I will work on it now! Now! It is not the Brothers and Sisters I am brushing off but the Lord Himself if I do this. I will be mindful of God’s resources and act upon what has been given to me.

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