Trent TV: Jason Collins Pushback

Today’s Trent TV episode examines a handful of non-superficial issues at play in the running news story of the NBA’s Jason Collins publicly announcing his homosexuality.  Amidst the overwhelming rush of praise and support, any and all scrutiny seems to be banished from public consideration.  Undeterred, Trent Ling dares to offer his two cents for those willing to listen and learn.

“I wish Jason well, just as I wish everyone well,” Trent exclaims. “The issue for me today and everyday has to do with the Truth and what it has to say.  We are so rapidly becoming such a non-conversant and narrowed society unable to withstand even the gentlest of discussions.  That was never the intention for which any of us were ever created.  I am just putting some truths on the table that all may be reminded that the Arbiter never takes an opinion poll.”

For some rare pushback on the Collins hype, check out the exclusive Trent TV video below:

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Trent TV: Jason Collins Pushback — 2 Comments

  1. Jamie and I had a phone convo today and he mentioned this posting so I had to check it out! A very unpopular but sound response. It’s killer that so many people are unknowingly very accomodating and tolerant of sin.

  2. Awesome Stuff! Very true!
    Maaan, you never hear it said like that anywhere else.

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