Trent TV: Overcome Ignorant Talk

Today’s Trent TV episode calls for the masses not to assume that others have a clue despite how things may at first appear.  In fact, Trent Ling runs down the entirety of his life and how he realized little by little that grand ignorance has strangely failed to slow mere talkers.  They just keep right on babbling utterly wrongly, decade after decade after decade. This backwardness has become even more apparent today as the world suffers from deep, serious, and self-inflicted wounds.

“I know that the tendency for most is to be intimidated and to shrink back, figuring that they do not know well enough to speak out or to take a stand,” Trent advises. “And yet, the immeasurable ignorance of those supposedly taking charge has so damaged so much that we cannot sit idly by any longer.  I am hoping that well-meaning people everywhere will weigh in and raise the standards of public discourse.  The truth will win out and its arrival must come torrentially in order to overcome what the lies have wrought around the world, across the board, and in nearly every discipline or field of expertise.”

For more, and to help “Overcome Ignorant Talk,” check out the exclusive Trent TV video below:

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Trent TV: Overcome Ignorant Talk — 5 Comments

  1. Mere talker I have been! And it never slowed me down. Ignorance can be slowed greatly with humility. (If only everyone would seek humility). Only through God can any of this change. Only through Jesus Christ can that happen. Thank you Father that because of you – all of this does work for real!

  2. Hey, I was one of those ignorant people you’re talking about. Before I met you and before I knew that the Bible has answer for everything, I’d believe any news I heard on the radio or TV, read on the papers/newspapers! I’d jump in conversation just to join in the conversation. To make a long story short, I’m grateful for God and Trent that has enable me to see and listen, grow more and more in knowledge and wisdom. Love you all!

  3. As someone who has no common sense, the video is inspiringly attractive to me as I want to be trained how to overcome ignorant talk, definitely do not want to be stuck in the middle clueless! And thankfully, I have in my arsenal the foods you richly provide in this website and messages you have preached to take me there.

  4. I always hated that this was true. I remember being taught that I was Truman Burbank from “The Truman Show,” that no one in my life was who they said they were. The situation was different but it still applies here as the experts are always revealed once you do work of finding out. The saddest thing is that once you find out, people have the attention span of newborns and can’t keep in a conversation that lasts more than 30 seconds, so spreading the truth becomes an entirely different monster itself. Only love can motivate us to keep going, because without it we would be too discouraged/bitter/angry/tired/whatever to continue

  5. Amen! If I communicate the truth I have been taught, continue seeking fresh revelation from the Spirit to share, and teach biblical concepts without watering them down, I’ll be alright. I just need to avoid shirking back. I really have to internalize that I have been given “divine power to demolish strongholds” and to “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.”(2 Corinthians 10:3-5) Let’s do this!

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