Trent TV: Pushy

Today’s Trent TV episode casts Trent Ling as either the brother who loves you or the brother who bothers you to no end, depending upon your love for the truth and commitment in the faith.  Trent taking people seriously has many times resulted in a weird fellowship dynamic.  He insists that because most ministers simply offer pats on the back and very loose standards, his vigorous efforts to take people up on their confessions of faith should be refreshing and appreciated.

“I did not come to Christ to be left alone and unbothered.  Rather, I completely submitted myself to whatever God had, has, and will have in mind.  Therefore, I have assumed that others in Christ are similarly flexible and willing to become whatever the Scriptures would dictate.  Along these lines, I fellowship and go for the gusto.  At least I readily admit that I am not like those typically passive ministers.  Far from just watching people run their lives and faiths into the ground, I provide warning and direction.  The Bible calls that love.  And love is pushy.”

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Trent TV: Pushy — 5 Comments

  1. I welcome the “pushiness” because it encourages me to be more and builds me as a better minister of Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

    I agree with Mila. After years of people dressing my wounds in “traditional church”, I enjoy how they are treated with the saltiness of the Scriptures in our ministry.

  2. One thing I always say “what’s in it for Trent when it is easier for him to just be quiet, and not bother about us?! Let us rot, let us drown, leave us alone. Being pushy can be seen as love when you trust the person pushing you, when you see the genuineness. And that is what I see as the case–I am still here now not because of the pat in the back, small bandaids here and there, multiple kisses. No, my wounds are treated seriously! And I am thankful for that. Thanks for the push.

  3. I love how in the Kingdom “pushy” people means something “lovingly aggressive” where it is lined with brotherly love which is lined with caring, loving, patience and so much more. We should almost demand this from each other “Hey! I need you to be pushy with me!” “Look, I don’t need any pass!” “Love me like God is loving me, please!” “Snow? that’s up north!, we’re in Florida, it melts here!” Wouldn’t that be different! We could really get some serious blood of Jesus pumping! Very cool, thank you.

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