Trent TV: Wet Paper Bag

Today’s Trent TV segment gathers the whole wide world together beneath the humbling circumstances of being little more than captive turtles or fishes.  Every day, in various ways, we the people cannot quite configure exit strategies or pathways out of trouble and into victory.  Such trouble usually leads people to darkness and to lowering standards en masse.  But such need not ever be the case. Even Old Testament teachings show that doing some of the Bible is not “too difficult for you or beyond your reach.”  Deuteronomy 30:11.  So, what’s the problem?

“I think it’s great that without God revealing mysteries and providing answers, we are really, genuinely stuck and confounded,” Trent Ling exudes. “Oftentimes, no matter how lowly the hurdles are set, our progress comes solely from God’s grace and mercy.  And ultimately, not being able to poke our way out of easy situations is God’s magnificent way of telling us that we have problems with him.  Let us spiritually understand and do something in light of the many signs that we are no greater than field mice captured by school children.”

For more in “Wet Paper Bag,” check out the exclusive Trent TV video below:

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Trent TV: Wet Paper Bag — 2 Comments

  1. The wet paper bag…. my least favorite things in the Kingdom, because I never could break my way out! (my fault). Praise God for His magnificent way of telling us something important! Thank you Father for the out!

  2. This is awesome! It is definitely humbling to depend only in God to poke holes in my “wet paper bag”. The more paper bags I am release from, the wiser and more powerful in Christ I will be. As a “catch-and-release pet” will seek God’s favor to be released and transformed by Him.

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