Trump Must Claim Victory Now!

Washington, DC 2015 As the famed revolutionary Lafayette triumphed against the odds, Donald Trump must dare today to lay claim to this White House.

Washington, DC 2015: The famed multi-continental revolutionary, Lafayette, rides high in his own manicured park overlooking America’s White House. Against all odds, America’s founding required the relentless pursuit of the highest ideals of free people. Today, on the distant heels of that history, Donald Trump must move decisively to checkmate his electoral opposition, commence plans for his monumental relocation to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and embark upon unchaining the supposed land of the free.

From Trent Ling:

It’s all up to Donald Trump. He fought and won the fight. Today, he must go ahead and claim the prize. Here’s how:  The self-styled dealmaker extraordinaire should prove himself in spades, and today put Little Marco Rubio on the ticket as Vice-President. This, in one fell swoop, will:

Pre-empt the unraveling GOP nominating process, NOW;

Win the delegate fight outright, NOW;

Soothe any Trump rift with winnable Hispanics, NOW;

Inspire America’s long-suffering patriots, NOW;

Doom the Hillary nonsense, NOW; and

Dawn a brand new American era with seriousness and festivity, NOW.

Small Hands and Little Marco.  The Unbeatable Team 2016!

Choose Little Marco Today

Since departing the GOP race following his primary loss in Florida, Little Marco has been doing absolutely nothing other than leisurely considering his next mediocre move. Lobbyist? Candidacy in 2024? Establishment paper shuffler? Ah, the horrible options.

Rubio presents as the poster child for the GOP’s greatest specialty—wasted talent. Only two traits (beyond his amnesty missteps) hurt the Little one: his youth and establishment backing. Both of these resolve immediately upon boarding Trump One. Beyond that, this VP is already known (and therefore not the distracting sideshow of Quayle or Palin) and teachable (and therefore not the regrettable compulsories of LBJ or Bush 41). Let Rubio evolve, learn, and gray. Zero thoughtful people would object to Little Marco as VP. Perfect choice. Today!


These are the dog days of a GOP campaign that housed too many candidates and featured too few winner-take-all contests. The doldrums have overtaken the firestorm. No debates. Stalemates. The waiting game. Unseemly, slimy delegate hunts. Reince Priebus and Mitt Romney still count. Ted Cruz babbles on, changing his looks and his allegiances by the hour. John Kasich won’t even concede. END IT ALL TODAY, Mr. Trump! Show that your brash originality and elements of surprise still live!

Win Delegate Fight

Trump has 743 delegates. He remains 494 shy of the magical 1237 needed for nomination. Rubio has 171 delegates. With Little Marco, Small Hands moves to within 323 from clinching the nomination. New York’s 95 on April 19 will put The Donald just 228 shy with at least 749 still in play. In other words, IT’S OVER as soon as Trump announces Rubio at the VP press conference in the Mar-a-Lago ballroom!

Thereafter, Small and Little must speak only thus:

Of Cruz and Kasich, S&L remark only of how they look forward to these two fine gentlemen joining the S&L administration.

Of Hillary, S&L blow her and her chronically awful ideas out of the water and off the electoral map.

Of Obama, S&L conduct themselves as President- and Vice-President-elect and chime in as matters of course.

With the down time of not having to Easter-Egg hunt for delegates in Louisiana or elsewhere, S&L study, sharpen, strategize, and get on with the business of righting and rigging a fortified ship breaking for a new world.

Soothe Any Latino Rift

Trump’s stances and comments toward Mexico, Mexicans, and illegal immigration have been historically bold, but completely fair and right. Though unwarranted, spastic backlash still simmers. Marco as VP turns the burner off completely, as Trump’s choice demonstrates the actuality of his professed love for Hispanics. After all, Cruz and Rubio finishing in the top three in GOP delegates and getting nothing in return hardly honors long-standing GOP claims that Hispanics mark a natural constituency.

Trump’s oversized persona and notoriety will already maximize his Black vote. Rubio will max out Trump’s Hispanic vote. Rubio and laggards Cruz and Kasich will max out Trump’s GOP establishment vote. This unstoppable Indiana-Jones ball starts rolling with but a little tap on Little Marco’s shoulder.

Inspire the Long-Suffering

The nation remains in catastrophic turmoil. Demoralized. Disillusioned. Hopeless. Suicidal. Millions are at historic Patrick Henry points of “Give me liberty or give me death!” The GOP roadblocks to Trump have taken an immeasurable and yet unspoken visceral toll. The enemies of freedom and opportunity have been revealed to be far more vast and stealthy than ordinary duds Barack and Hillary. The GOP ballast, faux conservatives, and self-seeking anglers threaten to push the populace over the edge in a dozen different ways. Two to five more months of this may precipitate the cashing out of the faithful well ahead of any eventual election. Inspire and revive the long-suffering, Mr. Trump. And get on with winning already!

Doom Hillary

In light of the unbeatable Trump-Rubio ticket, there stands everybody’s favorite—Hillary.

Hillary is still fighting and losing to Mr. Nobody, Bernie Sanders. Hillary still faces the looming FBI investigation over her sloppy and treacherous email handling. Daily, Hillary sees mounting unfavorables on trustworthiness and other gathering baggage. Trump often says that he has not even yet started on Hillary. While campaigning, Rubio enjoyed the best head-to-head polling success versus Hillary, easily besting her nationally. Nobody Hillary sentences to being her VP choice could ever help enough to overcome Madam Clinton’s DOA candidacy. Unabashed, Trump would be free to swamp and overturn the entire political apple cart. Odds are even decent that Hillary would turn herself into the FBI prematurely just to avoid a worse November 7 verdict at the ballot box.

Dawn a New Era

Seriousness and actual good humor would finally take to the American helm. No more Obama. No more Bush. No more ISIS. No more debt, nonsense, or giveaways. Joyful and competent, Small Hands and Little Marco would lead the world and get on with the business of a real nation. Compelling would be the cross-cultural bonds developed in the levity of this odd couple joining forces, leading the country beyond its pettinesses, and smiling and joking along the way to unveiling, cajoling, and reviving the real America.


Trump is the dealmaker. It’s time to deliver the goods. Hiring a delegate hunter is not the deal. Go for the jugulars, Mr. Trump. Take the GOP nomination AND the general election in a single, solitary instant. NOW!

Let the New York primary serve as but a coronation of love and unity, victory and humility. Plan to celebrate a complete, grand-slam triumph on April 19. TODAY!

Wear with a smile the Small Hands moniker. Trademark your Little Marco. Let him be the Gilligan to your Skipper. Enliven America in every way. ALREADY!

Evangelist, Educator, Esquire Trent W. Ling is paid absolutely no attention by anybody because such is the way of the world. Regardless, his outpouring in his electrifying book Six Secessional Signs, in his daily Tweets @TrentLing2012, and across his overwhelming website at prove themselves true and right every hour on the hour!

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Trump Must Claim Victory Now! — 4 Comments

  1. All the candidates aren’t ideal. Trump stands out though as the lesser evil. In an age where everything you do as a public figure is being published/tweeted I wonder how Lincoln, Roosevelt, etc. would do. I remember the stories about how FDR’s secret service detail would confiscate cameras and destroy film if journalists took photos of FDR in his wheelchair for fear that it would lead the public to believe FDR was weak/frail. Imagine it – look at how much Trump gets so much flack for his hair! Trump has lived his life, with it comes the wrongs and the nasty details of some questionable decisions/actions. We’re note indoctrinating the next pope here. In the end, unless the candidate is a disciple don’t think our hypocritical society will get a pristine candidate. So being realistic what I like about Trump is that out of all the candidate he isn’t seeking presidency for recognition (as if he needed it!), nor is he trying to prove something (women are equal to men blah blah), or with naive raise minimum wage enticements. Those are the reasons he is refreshing like splashing cold water on a sleeping government that forgot it was on the job. Though it seems unconstitutional is what rules the decision making trajectory today – I hope the plan you laid out which sounds sensible/reasonable is the one that is followed. If Trump is elected I hope that in the end it’ll put government back in charge of upholding the constitution (which that in itself would produce the opportunities for people to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps) rather than regulating the minutia of the daily lives’ of their citizens – even which bathroom someone goes into – though that should really be ruled by common sense.

  2. Sounds good, let’s be done with the craziness already and get on to trying to save the country before it totally implodes!
    Great Letter!

  3. Of course, if Trump would live this article, it wouldn’t matter what Establishment Republicans want, say, or do. What a wonderful world that would be!

  4. Well this sounds hopeful, but I’m almost positive that the establishment Republicans want a Democrat in the White House. I believe that when you have a man that both the Democrats and the Republicans hate, then that’s your man. Gonna keep my eye out. Love you.

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