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Orlando, FL 2008: Like some visitors to this site, Melvin the Dragon sometimes emerged as if to clear his throat and join the conversation. May this be a place for all Melvins.

From Trent Ling

Designed to be somewhat interactive, this website offers an array of benefits to the engaged.  This letter should further direct and challenge the participatory that they may ultimately give and receive more and more going forward.

As an important aside, in 100% of cases, simply personal interactions are always appreciated.  Absolutely nothing compares with touch.  And this challenge should not at all interfere with those who reach out and touch with heart and humor.  A blank check shall always remain in the possession of the personal.

For those looking to help advance the conversation uphill, consider the following:

First, seriously let us consider and measure ourselves against the standards and admonitions offered here.  Human tendency tilts toward considering how others should really pay attention while we somehow remain immune from the teaching.  “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”  James 1:22.  Designed to prevent self-delusion, this warning from the Scriptures must be heeded.  Let us not so quickly move onto applying everything to others until we have first cleared ourselves.

Second, our responses should be directed toward the truth.  In order to propel conversation, the subject at hand should receive due consideration and direct feedback.  Since many have a tendency to think posts are not aimed at them (see preceding paragraph), those same many then proceed to address those for whom they think the topic was intended.  This retards the narrative and the opportunity provided by the Spirit to grapple with God and to come out as more than we were when we went in.  What a lost opportunity.

Third, after plowing through recommendations from the two prior paragraphs, the engaged could more effectively share their individual bounties.  “Anyone who receives instruction in the word must share all good things with his instructor.”  Galatians 6:6.  As we receive something from this site, following proper contemplation, we should share the good things that flowed.  Personal insights and convictions can be offered that broaden, deepen, specify, and flavor the original salvos of the site.  This spiritual service benefits serious spiritual partakers by transforming them from receivers to givers.

Fourth, we should catalog and somehow keep before us the crops our faith produces and the representations that we have made.  As made evident in Psalm 136, God makes big things that last forever.  In the same way, our big things (e.g., spiritual growth and products from a truly spiritual life) cannot slip away at the passage of time through forgetfulness and mediocre standards.  We can and must keep ourselves and our fruit in play for all-time.

Our responses can and should arrive contemplative of the foregoing and not robotically regurgitative of these appeals.  Advancement of the ball remains the goal.  Deflation and burial of the ball (by thinking truths here were meant for anyone less than us) lessens the game for all, forever.  In any case, let us never be stifled.  We must bring what we have and let the Lord hear us and heal us, even as he uses us to heal others at the same time.  Ultimately, this place should and will resemble a spiritual marketplace offering a continually exhilarating, feeding frenzy.


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  1. I’ll keep this in mind. And it is actually easier to respond by examining ourselves (of course, that takes humility from God) than trying to add more to the message. Amen!

  2. I am so excited for this endeavor!
    Father, Thank you. Thank you for this interactive food bowl slash meeting place! Thank you for your love as you provide a place and opportunity for us to nourish ourselves spiritually and maintain a healthy participation. You truly have built something BIG here – your love endures forever!
    Love you,

  3. The recommendations you offer through this letter are pretty clear and helpful. I will consider them when posting.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Love you,


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