Giza, Egypt, Africa 2009: Trent and Siauw Ling, like the Great Pyramids, have been around for a long time. They realize that not everything can easily or simply be spoken or understood. Some things must be carefully written that they may be more fully digested upon reading and re-reading as necessary. Hence, the books and this Books Page.

This Books Page houses links to Trent Ling’s more substantial works expressed in bound publications.  These volumes provide greater disseminations aimed at getting people up in the air and down the field.  Spiritual works price at cost and educational works price nominally.  In either case, they represent treasures and bargains.

“Truly, penning a book marks one of life’s great projects,” Trent shares. “Vast and complex subjects are better presented in literary formats, which provide necessary space, time, calm, and care for the thesis.  Despite my proclivity and preference just to say it simply and straightforwardly, some matters come across much more clearly, succinctly, and comprehensively in written form. And readers’ opportunities to re-read and reference printed material over time can never be over-valued.”

On this site, Trent employs five distinct methods by which he expresses himself.  In increasing order of complication, they are: Tweets, Videos, Letters, Preached Messages, and Books. Trent’s books ultimately provide the most meticulous, enduring, and referential of material.  So, here they stand:

Six Secessional Signs:  Why America Must Come Apart (April 10, 2013)

Doctoral Dissertation on Moral Reasoning of Educational Leaders (June 26, 2014)