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Orlando, FL 2013: Trent Ling’s timely and bold new book “Six Secessional Signs: Why America Must Come Apart” finally comes available to a nation and a people looking for a way to escape the ever-creeping national silliness and personal infringement.

Trent Ling’s new book Six Secessional Signs: Why America Must Come Apart has finally been released.  The book’s Amazon page is the easiest and fastest method to obtain a copy, as the Kindle version is only minutes away and the paperback version is mere hours away. Succinct yet legendarily hefty, this book provides a salve and a direction for those Americans sincerely wrestling with the notion that freedom and prosperity might be but forsaken things of the past.

Six Secessional Signs is destined to spark a thousand national conversations and to reverse the dumbing down of America.  Join the fray today, be part of a refreshing shift in discourse, and leave future generations with more than the shambles of a shamelessly self-absorbed people.

While the book more than speaks for itself, here are the most immediately useful links related to Six Secessional Signs:

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