Excerpt: Come Along

Atlanta, GA 2009: A real ministry contains many moving parts across constantly changing elements and seasons. At any time, anything can happen. Snowball fight, anyone? Honesty and the asking of questions remain essential for survival. Do not step to the sidelines and sulk. Come along and join in for real.

Excerpts from Trent’s historical letters candidly and anonymously offer flavors and insights from real-time and real-life origins.  Hop aboard these instructions and confessions in mid-stream, below, and see if they help you, too.  

This letter from 2009 encourages disciples to come on with it and not to shrink back only to wonder and not understand the whys and hows of what is going on.

Hey Sister,

Your household is in the middle of a very nice spiritual run.  So, it is time to hit the gas and spend it (Message: “You Have It, So Spend It” available upon request at the Contact Page).  There is no reason for you to be battling your thoughts over the course of many hours.  I am the one who preached “Questions” and “Ask Me.”  I am also the one who put those on the public site.  Go for it by asking questions.  Let God honor your life in Christ by answering you and not leaving you troubled any more with wild thoughts.  If you had simply asked me why I have written various letters lately, I would have given to you plenty of weapons with which to disarm and crush Satan.

I am never in need of any response for me.  God is my portion.  I know it’s hard for most to believe or relate to that.  But, I have 2 interests and getting attention or a response is not one of them.  I do not consider your household to be among those who are way off the pace, by the way.  I was encouraged to know that some of our strugglers were even looking at the website, let alone reading it and being impacted by what they read.  They have been wandering in the wilderness for ages it seems.  It is heartwarming to me that they have not given up, and it is right for me to encourage them.

Perhaps you are not used to the new measure of the Spirit that you are being given (and should be using and spending). In retrospect, you can see how you had an immediate opportunity to know everything I have just written.  In addition, you can now see (go for it) and be united with me in spirit over the many reasons for which I shared my birthday letter that I still have not yet spoken of or written about.

Keep it coming!

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Excerpt: Come Along — 2 Comments

  1. Growing up bottled up, not trained in expressing myself, asking questions is not in my nature. But, I am thankful Om Trent that you always encourage us to ask questions, even from the get go I studied the bible with you, your first appeals was always for us to find out. It is not due to curiosity or any unhealthy interest ask questions, but to kill any untrue thoughts, futile thinking, and assumptions that will just do no good.

  2. Amen Trent! Being able to ask questions and being open to answer them when asked is the basis of true fellowship.
    “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” (1 John 1:7)

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