Podcast: Baptism

Victoria, Canada 2009: Anywhere that the people gather, there will also be water. Thus, God’s precious gift of eternal life can be had without money and without the favor of man. In chronological order, a broken heart, a repentant life, and baptism in water gets the deal done.

Trent Ling’s preached deal-closing message, “Baptism” comes to the podcast library of the website today.

After hearing, digesting, and living the life-changing messages “Dead in the Water,” “First Things First,” and “Your Own Revolution,” newly emerging disciples of Jesus become ripe for this capstone message and its saving and eternal instructions.

Caution:  Baptism into Jesus Christ represents the absolute pinnacle for any life upon the Earth.  This cannot be taken lightly and cannot be undertaken unworthily.  Those ripe for this message must have proven the following:  a true and honest openness; a genuine brokenness over personal sins; proof of brokenness through a miraculous repentance of all sins and ungodly ways; and an honoring of those admonitions in this message.

Prove yourself clear of this message, get into the water, get into Christ, and welcome to the Kingdom of God!

This message features the reading and preaching of the following Scriptures:

Isaiah 59:1-2

Matthew 28:18-20

Acts 2:36-41

Romans 6:3-8

Colossians 2:12

1 Peter 3:18-22

Instructions:  To download on a Mac, control-click the message link below and select a download option.  To download on a PC, right-click the link below and select a download option.  To hear the message outright, simply click the link below and you will be redirected to a listening page.

Podcast:  Baptism (May 12, 2012; 58:32)

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