Podcast: Explaining “Undefined”

Orlando, FL 2001: Everyone undergoes first days of school. May we all approach learning something new, however humbling or painful, as if we were in Kindergarten or Second Grade–with eager anticipation and gratitude.

Trent Ling’s preached message, “Explaining ‘Undefined,'” comes available on the website today.  It was and remains designed to shed necessary light on the late-2011 message “Undefined.”

The message begins:  “I don’t think today’s message is a good one; I don’t like it; I don’t think you’ll like it.”

“As liberating and necessary as ‘Undefined’ was for us,” Trent recalls.  “It really did mark the very sad ending to an incredible era in ministry history.  Not until Heaven will we likely ever have what we had in the ministry’s first 13 years.  ‘Explaining ‘Undefined” helps portray and explain that bitter reality and its specific underpinnings and imperatives.”

This message and its referenced predecessor offer thick ministry syrup to those who can hang in with it.  Trent always insists upon the lighting of the lamps and the putting of them on their stands that all may see and be seen as Jesus instructed.  These preached messages made available to all further exemplifies this commitment to the light.

This message features the reading and preaching of the following Scriptures:

Jude :23a

2 Cor 12:15b

Acts 18:6

Rev 22:11

Acts 19:18

Instructions:  To download on a Mac, control-click the message link below and select a download option.  To download on a PC, right-click the link below and select a download option.  To hear the message outright, simply click the link below and you will be redirected to a listening page.

Podcast:  Explaining “Undefined” (January 14, 2012; 69:40)

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Podcast: Explaining “Undefined” — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness! Look at Ari with her Power Puff Girls’ socks and sandals 🙂 And Za, he is comforting his sister – I got your back sis! I miss that age.

  2. It’s a good thing, at some point we have to let people grow up and pick up their own mat. We can’t continue to hover over and make sure the disciples are above the line. We have to please God! He knows the heart behind this ministry 🙂 We’ll continue what we do best – pour it all out. I grow to love Rev. 22:11. It’s a bummer! like Michael said.

  3. Rev. 22:11 was a vigitillion years ago and yet, almost as vivid as yesterday. It is really a bummer.

  4. This message reminds me of the message “Who’s Who” when you say that a true disciple is going to be despised and hated in this world. Wow! The more you truly love someone the more you are going to be rejected. I want to be part of the true believers that respond to true love with humbleness and a thankful heart. I want to be part of the militia that rescues the “flammable” from the fire and snatches them from certain death.

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