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Orlando, FL 2008: Sometimes, best efforts to reach something still fall short. To help all visitors with their search efforts, this site has been designed with orderliness in mind. Beyond that, plenty of tools also help visitors go the distance to find what they seek.

On an ever-accumulating basis, this website houses and shares voluminous material produced and collected across the past six decades.  With ongoing daily updates, things could easily and quickly become a disaster zone with “stuff” all over the place.

However, this brief note aims to help visitors navigate the site more effectively.  New posts always appear on the Home Page for their first ten days.  Thereafter, they “fall” to their natural, chronological positions.  For example, a post of material from December,1987 will appear on the front page for its ten-day run, and then will go to its December,1987 locale immediately upon dropping from the home page.

On the home page itself, the Categorical Archives drop-down box, the Chronological Archives drop-down box, and the Search bar quickly narrow searches and help to locate specific materials or subjects.  In addition, the Vault Page always provides updated, alphabetical, linked listings of all major posts across categories, providing title, date, and duration (for multimedia posts) information.

Visitors needing any additional assistance or information can always submit requests at the Contact Page.

Please feel free to join and further the discussion via the options below.  No email or website information is required to post comments (unless you seek the notifications offered).


Site: Where Did It Go? — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for being so accommodating, let alone feeding us spiritually, Om Trent! Love you.

  2. The kids and grownups that come to our house, know where to find the basket of goodies, as shown in the picture. And this site is just like that basket, but even better… It fills with spiritual good food for everyone who stop by 🙂 Thanks for providing us this site, anyone can find a bite to eat, daily, and it’s free!

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